Delivering the next generation of health intelligence

Lapetus delivers artificial intelligence solutions for fast and accurate insight into health and life expectancy.

Health Intelligence refers to the use of artificial intelligence, using machine-learning algorithms and software, and facial analytics to mimic human cognition in the analysis, presentation, and comprehension of complex biodemographic, medical and health data. This technology can help organizations including insurance, healthcare, and governments to make better business, clinical and social betterment decisions, and improve the quality of the experiences that they provide.
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Lapetus is disrupting

Insurance underwriting by enabling straight through processing

Financial planning with hyper-personalized life expectancy calculations

Fraud detection through advanced facial analytics

Financial industries through unique AI based risk profiling

Lapetus is unique

Globally patented AI solutions

World-leading team of scientists

Proprietary facial analytics database

API-enabled technology stack

Janus Facial Analytics

Powered by the latest AI technology and scientific methodology, our Janus products deliver health intelligence through an AI-enhanced scan of the face. The face has been used as a biomarker for health for millennia. The Lapetus technology demonstrably increases the effectiveness of this scan.

The platform has been built by the pioneer of facial analytics, Dr. Karl Ricanek Jr Chief AI Scientist. The platform meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements worldwide, while preserving privacy and security. Janus provides point-of-application health intelligence for rapid medical triage or underwriting.

Janus is fast, accurate, secure, and meets your regulatory requirements.

Generian Life Expectancy Estimations

The Generian Life Expectancy platform delivers the industry’s fastest turnarounds for life expectancy. The life expectancy engine that powers Generian is the product of more than 30 years of scientific research. Our Chief Scientist, Dr. S. Jay Olshansky, is a pioneer in the world of Public Health and Biodemography.

The Generian platform now offers tools for rapidly triaging small-face amount life settlement policies. These tools are designed to identify cases that fit your purchasing criteria quickly.

This platform has also been enhanced to evaluate blocks of policies, providing detailed data across the block of policies.

Sage AI and Analytics

Lapetus Solutions is an AI and advanced machine learning company with expertise in deep learning, statistical learning, traditional machine learning, behavioral and physical biometrics, computer vision, and signal processing. Due to our depth in the learning and statistical/biostatistical space and custom software development, and platform (infrastructure) development, Lapetus provides custom solutions to private companies and government entities around the world.

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Phone face scan

Fast, accurate and compliant data analysis

Easy implementation of facial analysis through cloud-based architecture and a RESTful API interface

Secure portal saves time and organizes all your records in one platform

Secure and responsible AI technology

Financial planning tools use Generian and Janus to provide unparalleled analysis of retirement needs

Industries We Serve

Lapetus provides AI-powered health intelligence solutions to a range of industries.

Our leading edge facial analytics and life expectancy assessments deliver highly personalized insights for engagement, fraud prevention and risk management. Industries we specialise in include insurers, reinsurers, life settlements and financial planning companies.

Insurance & Reinsurance

We help you acquire, engage and deepen the relationship with your customers through enabling digital sales and underwriting processes. Our health and life expectancy solutions are the most accurate in the market, providing you with the right data to make the best decisions.

Life Settlements

Lapetus is the leading provider of life estimates for the Life Settlements industry, with proven accuracy over 96% and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Each highly personalized assessment includes a comprehensive medical report.

Financial Planning

Lapetus helps financial planners differentiate their service by AI-powered life expectancy assessment tools. Our industry leading solution provides a fast and accurate assessment of life span, including healthy years of life and likely years of care. Where deeper insights are needed, we can provide hyper-personalized physician assisted assessments.

Health & Wellness

Lapetus can engage your customer with fast and accurate insights into their health and wellness. Our solutions can be as simple as a selfie for initial biometric insights, to a hyper-personalized assessment with our ageing and longevity medical team.

Our Global Partnerships


“The LSI tools provide a unique experience to engage with technology-savvy insurance applicants and offer a consumer-friendly purchasing experience for life and health insurance products.”

Dr. Dirk Nieder | Regional Director Gen Re