About Us

The leader in AI-backed Health Intelligence

Lapetus was founded by scientists to disrupt the way data is collected and used for health and wellness intelligence by removing barriers through AI-powered solutions.

We integrate science and technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop solutions that are easy to use, secure, accurate and engaging.

Empowering decisions through

Insights of a lifetime

We are revolutionizing Health Intelligence through our AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Our groundbreaking scientists integrate their deep knowledge of public health and the sciences of aging with patented facial analytics and deep machine learning based AI to disrupt the health intelligence space.

Two foundation patents with more on the way

Invented AI for facial analysis

Over 30 years of experience in advanced AI development for facial analytics and computer vision

Two million data records including facial imagery, demographic and health metrics

Over 40 years of research experience in the sciences of ageing.

Lapetus is the leader in Health Intelligence.

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