AI & Analytical Services

Providing customized AI/machine learning analysis and regions specific data to companies and government entities around the world.

The co-founders of Lapetus Solutions are rooted in the Academic research space where they have contributed more than 50 years of research in the areas of health, health intelligence, biostatics, computer vision, machine learning, optimization, biometrics, facial analytics, and more. From this foundation, Lapetus Solutions has developed its AI & Analytic Services to support the development of new knowledge.

The Founders have worked on projects for the McArthur Foundation, American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), and Longevity Dividend in the space of aging sciences and public health and with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), UK Home Office, Australian Defence Dept, US Homeland Security, Norwegian Identity Center, etc. for the development of AI solutions in computer vision, biometrics, facial analytics, and more.

Sage AI and Analytics

Government Contracts

Developing unique solutions for Governments globally.

Life Insurance Portfolios

Specialised analytical services to evaluate life insurance books.

Specialized and Live Life Tables

Building proprietary live life tables based on organization’s mortality experience.

Committed to Responsible AI

From our inception in 2015, Lapetus has engaged with insurance regulators and experts around the world to discuss how AI could be used responsibly, with particular emphasis in the life insurance and life settlements space.

Our AI & Analytics products in detail

Government Contracts

Lapetus Founders have extensive relationships with the research agendas of the US government and other governments worldwide. Lapetus is working with multiple governments to develop unique solutions leveraging AI for analytics and computer vision.

Life Insurance Portfolios

Lapetus has developed a set of unique tools to support the rapid evaluation of a block of historical policies. When you need to understand the risk associated with a block of life insurance policies, Lapetus tools can quickly provide an assessment based on historical data (application data). Lapetus can use medical data (e.g., prescription, EHR/EMR, ASP, etc.) for physician-assisted risk analysis and underwriting for a more detailed evaluation. Lapetus can acquire medical data for our clients.

Specialized and Live Life Tables

Designed to provide the user with an inside look into the dynamics of observed mortality and survival — in real-time. Organizations involved in the life sciences often use life tables for their company or country that are based on the mortality experience of a population that took place years in the past — which is often adjusted annually using a simple multiplier. Live life tables enable users to input population risk and mortality experience into a table on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, leading life tables to adjust instantly. Users then get to see mortality events while they’re happening.