Work with us to be part of a dynamic team of leaders in health intelligence. We provide a unique oportunity to grow you expertise in in AI, Machine learning and the science of ageing and longevity

Our Mission and our Values

Our Mission
To be the preeminent provider of health intelligence that empowers companies, governments and individuals to better measure and manage their health and longevity.

Our Philosophy

To develop the highest quality scientifically verifiable software applications designed to revolutionize multiple industries. Lapetus’ operating philosophy is to build intuitive products and applications based on rigorous science that are simple to understand, easy to use, and deployed swiftly.

Our Values






“Lapetus has created an exceptional workplace environment that allows its employees to grow and flourish. I started as a data engineer, and over the last five years, I have grown into a lead Data Engineer. I now support all endeavours around data, the AI Team, and interface with the IT/Development group”

Harry Atwal | Lead Data Engineer