Code of Ethics

Lapetus Solutions, Inc. uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide high quality services to its customers. We are committed to responsible and ethical data collection, storage, and security that puts our customer’s privacy and safety first.

Respect for Privacy
Any data collected is treated with respect and care; which means that Lapetus protects the privacy and identity of the individual represented. We collect and process data only with appropriate consent and in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations.
Informed Consent
No data is collected or stored without the express permission of the data owner.
Data Minimization
All data collected can be mapped to an explicit purpose within the Lapetus Solutions ecosystem.
Fairness and Avoiding Bias
Lapetus Solutions is committed to fairness in developing AI systems that are fair, unbiased, and promote equal treatment. Careful attention is made to ensure system performance is fair across all demographic boundaries. We strive to mitigate and address biases in data, algorithms, and products.
Algorithms and processes undergo continual evaluation to ensure compliance with internal and regulatory requirements and best practices. Violations of these policies are promptly detected, reported, and fixed.