Unlock the Power of Precision with Facial Analysis Technology

Revolutionize health intelligence with Lapetus Solutions’ advanced Facial Analysis. Our AI-driven technology offers precise insights to enhance your decision-making. This powerful tool provides a deep understanding of health indicators, including BMI and biological age, enabling swift, informed decisions for insurers and other risk managers. Experience how our Facial Analysis transforms health intelligence into better health and longevity management.

Our Solutions

Harness Precision with Janus Facial Analytics

At Lapetus Solutions, we pioneered the science of  Facial Analytics, offering unparalleled insights through advanced AI-driven analysis of the face. Our solutions provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to deliver actionable data for precise decision-making and strategic advantage.

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Revolutionize Health Assessments with Facial Analytics

Lapetus Solutions’ Facial Analytics technology leverages AI to extract biomarkers of health from the face, providing businesses with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

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Image Facial Analytics

Discover the power of a single image with Janus. Our technology deciphers complex facial data to accurately assess age, biological age, gender, BMI, and smoking propensity. This instant analysis offers a deep dive into the health indicators that matter to your business.

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Video Facial Analytics

Elevate health intelligence with a 30-second video-based facial scan. Our Video Facial scan employs visual-based Photoplethysmography (rPPG)to evaluate heart rate variability, blood pressure, stress levels, and metabolic disease risks. Breakthoughs in rPPG offer advanced insights, including possible detection of A1C and diabetes risk assessments, talk to us now.

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e-KYC Identity Check

Secure and streamline your operations with e-KYC Identity Check. A simple selfie cross-references against government-issued IDs, ensuring reliable fraud prevention and identity verification, enhancing your security protocols.

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LifeSpan and Bio-age

Uncover life expectancy insights with a selfie. Janus predicts biological age and life expectancy, offering an expanded view with additional queries on healthy life expectancy and carespan. This tool provides a critical perspective on long-term health and wellness planning.

Delivering the next generation of health intelligence

Lapetus Solutions is at the forefront of health intelligence, advancing the field with our pioneering patented Facial Analysis technology. By harnessing the power of AI, we drive transformative outcomes, revolutionizing assessment of health metrics and operational efficiency in the insurance sector.

Unlock the Future of Health with AI

Explore the potential of AI-driven Facial Analysis with Lapetus Solutions, where cutting-edge technology meets insurance and health innovation. Our Facial Analysis products offer unprecedented insights into health conditions, enabling better risk management outcomes and paving the way for transformative health and wellness management.

Health, wealth, and longevity solutions with AI
Lapetus Solutions for health, wealth, and longevity

Committed to Responsible AI in Facial Analysis

Lapetus Solutions is dedicated to responsible AI practices, ensuring ethicality, fairness, and transparency in all our AI-driven solutions, including our advanced Facial Analysis technology. We prioritize the privacy and security of the data processed, upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability in every analysis performed.

Work With Us

Partner with Lapetus Solutions to leverage innovative AI and facial analysis solutions that are meticulously tailored to your unique business needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology that not only drives growth and success but also revolutionizes the way you approach health intelligence and risk management. Experience the transformative impact of our Facial Analysis technology in your operations.