Facial Analytics

Janus, our facial analytics product suite combines the power of artificial intelligence with the science of aging and biometric analysis to deliver a wealth of health insights.

Leading the science behind facial analysis and health intelligence

Lapetus scientists and engineers have more than 30 years of research experience in the fields of AI and machine learning (ML), biometrics, computer vision, and signal processing. Lapetus AI scientists and engineers have worked with governments around the world to develop key technologies for their national defense. While working with the US Government Intelligence Community, Lapetus engineers developed the field of facial analytics. This team of researchers have made significant contributions in several areas of AI/ML, biometrics, and computer vision such as face detection, landmark detection, demographic extraction from biometric data, and more.

The face is a powerful biomarker for health and wellness and FA is the key technology that allows Lapetus to extract biomarker signals.

With a simple image Lapetus technology can detect and analyze intrinsic genetic and health marker including gender, biological age, and possibly disease plus and extrinsic risk items like smoking, BMI and potentially drug use and other lifestyle factors.

Delivering a new age of health intelligence

Facial analytics differs from face recognition, a biometric modality, in that it cannot extract signals of identity or make any claims on identity. But, the face is a powerful biomarker for health and wellness and Facial Analysis is the key technology that allows Lapetus to extract biomarker signals.

Janus Facial Analytics products in detail

Janus solutions include four options for analysising the face, providing a range of different insights.

Image Facial Analytics

With a single image, Janus can accurately determine age, biological age, senescing rate, gender, BMI, and propensity to be a smoker or former smoker.

Video Facial Analytics

A short 30-second video reveals a wealth of health intelligence. Visual-based Photoplesmography analyzes the face to determine heart rate variability, blood pressure, stress, etc., and risk scores for metabolic diseases. Interested in A1C and diabetes from the face, contact Lapetus.

Identity Check

A single selfie provides validation against a government issued ID, reducing fraud and providing identity check and confirmation.

LifeSpan and Bio-age

A single selfie will provide life expectancy based on biological age. For a more granular look, add a few questions and receive life expectancy, healthy life expectancy, and carespan, the period of life where you may need assistance.