Financial Planning

Lapetus, through its joint venture with WealthSpan Financial Partners, helps financial planners differentiate their service by AI-powered life expectancy assessment tools.

Our industry leading solution provides a fast and accurate assessment of life span, including healthy years of life and likely years of care. Where deeper insights are needed, we can provide hyper-personalized physician assisted assessments.

Transforming the customer and advisor experience through AI driven, personalized life expectancy calculator

Our Life Expectancy products help differentiate your financial planning solutions by improving accuracy, allowing you to provide a better product recommendation.

Lapetus can help advisors differentiate their service by providing instant, accurate assessments of life expectancy

We remove barriers to some of the hard conversations using an easy to complete process of simple questions

We provide you with immediate, actionable results using the Lapetus proprietary tools and database

WealthSpan Life Expectancy calculator with detailed report

A customer friendly life expectancy calculator that will help your client understand their Lifespan and Healthspan.

Medically assisted life assessment & report

Generian will provide medically assisted life assessment and reporting.

RX data enhancements for hyper-personalization

Enhance your financial planning experience by adding RX review to provide an even more accurate level of information on your client’s health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Life Expectancy important in the planning process?

How long people are likely to live plays a HUGE role in financial planning, especially in the retirement equation. The longer someone lives the longer their wealth needs to last and the better they need to plan for that longer life.

Why is it important to have an accurate, personalized life estimate?

Most financial planners and advisors typically use a random age, like 95, or average life expectancy tables or government calculators to determine projected lifespan. This is a generic approach which will not account for the critical role of the personal attributes, decisions, and family history that are the predictors of long life. As we know, nobody is average and that their unique lifespan and healthspan needs to be determined in order to help make the best financial decisions.

To get this wrong can have significant impact on your customers future financial wellbeing.

Why is the Lapetus calculator and Wealthspan report better than others that are available?

The Wealthspan calculator is not exaggerated for survival or health as it avoids additivity of factors and is based on science, NOT hype. We also know that the lifespan and healthspan of a spouse or significant other, if applicable, plays a big role in the financial decisions that should be made. Without an accurate assessment of lifespan and healthspan for each, there could be a substantial unexpected gap between them that they are not aware of, but certainly need to plan for.


More accurate and personalized insights

With an accuracy rate of over 96% the Wealthspan calculator is the most effective tool for estimating longevity. The Lifespan, Healthspan and Carespan features provide insights into a client’s total life span, years of healthy living and years when they will need care support.

Start hard conversations

Our Wealthspan process including straight forward questions and couples assessment provides you with an easy lead into discussing your client, and their family’s, financial planning needs.

Client engagement

Our Wealthspan life expectancy calculator is a fast and accurate way to determine a customers life span. The Healthspan and Carespan features provide insights into a customers years of healthy living and years where they will potentially need care support.

Working with couples differentiates you from the competition

This innovative AI powered tool allows you to provide hyper-personalized financial plans for both your clients which improves engagement and client retention.

How Our Calculator Can Transform Your Planning Business


The Wealthspan lifespan and healthspan tool has allowed me to differentiate myself and have a conversation with clients that they’ve never had before.


The information I gain about lifespan has helped me to be able to design much more custom plans for my clients, giving me and my clients more confidence in their financial future.