Health and Wellness

With a range of health intelligence tools, Laptus can help companies engage and inform customers and provide fast and accurate insights into their health and wellness

Empowering people to optimize their healthspan and life span

With science-backed insights to the drivers of health and well-being, Lapetus brings unmatched capabilities to the health and wellness industry

The science of ageing and longevity with deep understanding of the drivers of life expectancy and the calculation of healthy life expectancy as well as project years requiring care

Instant assessments of health and wellness from analysis of the face

Facial Analytics

Delivering health intelligence from a selfie. A fast accurate and secure tool that gives highly personalized health insights from a photo or video.

Life Expectancy Assessment

Fast and accurate assessment of life span, including healthy years of life and likely years of care. Where deeper insights are needed, we can provide hyper-personalized physician assisted assessments.

AI & Analytical Services

Lapetus can provide bespoke health intelligence and life estimate insights from our proprietary database and customized analysis of data pools to support health and wellness propositions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually Is Life Expectancy (LE)?

Life expectancy (LE) is the most commonly used estimate of a population’s survival prospect. It gives a quantitative sense of how long an individual in a given population group (e.g., male versus female) is expected to live at any given age. Substantial increases in LE for a large part of the last 100 years have been widely documented. The last few decades have also witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of older adults in the U.S. and worldwide. The low mortality in this segment of the population combined with the largest birth cohorts entering old age in history, the baby boomers, imply a continuation of the dramatic increase of the size of the aging population in years to come.

What is Healthy Life Expectancy?

In considering of our populations “Life Expectancy” there has been a growing need to take into account both the quantity and the quality of life. A question of increasing importance in modern times is whether populations have experienced an extension of healthy life to accompany their longer lives. This question can be best addressed through monitoring changes in the length and proportion of healthy life that occurs in conjunction with increases in total LE. Healthy life expectancy (HLE) has been synonymously referred to as active life expectancy or the average number of years of life remaining that people live free from disabilities or chronic illness. , Similarly, LE minus HLE represents the average number of years of life remaining that people are expected to experience disability and chronic illness.


Engagement of new segments

Gamification through our FaceMyAge app gives access to a range of new consumers interested in their health and wellness.

Health insights

Our AI-powered solutions provide deep, highly personalized insights into health and wellness while also providing valuable information on areas for health improvement.

Revenue improvement

Penetrate new segments through our fun and easy to use photo Facial Analysis product.
Better quality leads for your distribution force.
Personalized insights leading to better product pricing.
Empowering customers to be healthier with better insights.

Simple to detailed engagement solutions

From a single selfie to a more detailed biometric video or an in-depth highly personalized health assessment, Lapetus has solutions to suit all types of health and wellness plans.