Insurance & Reinsurance

We help you acquire, engage and deepen the relationship with your customers through enabling digital sales and underwriting processes. Our health and life expectancy solutions are the most accurate in the market, providing you with the right data to make the best decisions.

Disrupting the insurance industry with AI-driven health intelligence

Lapetus supports you from engagement to underwriting by providing fast, accurate and secure data and insights.

We remove barriers through our engaging, fast and secure capabilities

We make AI-solutions simple - you can underwrite and onboard a customer in seconds with one selfie

We support dynamic pricing and product design with instant and accurate data and insights

Janus for Facial Analytics

Delivering health intelligence from a selfie. A fast accurate and secure tool that gives highly personalized health insights from a photo or video.

Generian for Life Expectancy and Longevity

Our suite of life estimation products provides the insurance and reinsurance industries fast and accurate life expectancy calculations from simple questions through to hyper-personalized physician assisted assessments.

Sage AI & Analytics

AI and Machine Learning solutions delivering insights for a range of different industries. Lapetus’ proprietary database of data points and our panel of PhD experts will tailor a solution for risk management, valuations and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the algorithms be relied upon for underwriting decisions?

Yes, the accuracy of the FA outputs will allow carriers to deploy the Lapetus technology for processing faster and more consistent underwriting decisions.

How does Lapetus develop new product options?

Academic research is constantly revealing new indications for the face, from detecting genetic conditions to biological aging rates. Our scientists work with governments and industries to understand what outputs are a priority so we can focus our energies on what is important. Once the priority is agreed our unique data acquisition and management team is deployed to gather the right data related to the desired output. Once we have the data, our facial analysis experts determine the appropriate AI technique to extract the signals from the face, then classify these signals into an output.

How frequently are the algorithms updated? How long does this process take?

FA outputs are under continuous development, many are designed, trained, and evaluated before a single solution makes it into our production platform. In some cases, the proposed solution may perform well in the development environment but don’t outperform current outputs in the real world. These algorithms, which may have hundreds of hours of development are not pushed into production. A single output may take hundreds of resource hours to produce an output moved into production. This includes the time the AI team takes to research and design new deep learning architectures, time the Data Acquisition team needs to build new datasets for training and evaluation, and the many hours involved in final evaluation. The final evaluation step compares the proposed algorithms to the current algorithms on the target platform, i.e. Chronos. This involves the Development team taking the algorithms from the AI team and implementing them into our production system.


Revenue improvement

  • Penetrate new segments through our fun and easy to use selfie product
  • Better quality leads for your distribution force
  • Personalised insights leading to better product pricing
  • Empowering customers to be healthier through better health intelligence

Customer Engagement

  • Faster purchase process via a single selfie photo
  • Patented engagement tools like Bioage and Face My Age for connecting and deepening your relationship
  • Streamlined customer onboarding experience
  • 100% online and mobile optimised experience

Product portfolio improvement

  • Improved product pricing
  • Better claims experience
  • Fraud reduction
  • Attract younger segments

Cost improvement

  • Reduced onboarding time & cost with straight-through processing
  • Higher closure rates
  • Reduce operational expense of fraud & misrepresentation

Our Use Cases for the Insurance Sector

Engaging Customers

The simple “selfie” is a proven, powerful engagement tool, driving more applicants into the funnel through the unique nature of the “selfie” quote. The initial selfie health assessment enables insurers to gather data, build the brand in new markets and generate leads for all distribution channels.

Underwriting triage

Our Janus products can give instant information on ageing and health to identify preferred risks and ensure the right products are offered to the customer.

Underwriting and product design

As experience grows and understanding of the data matures, insurers will use the new health intelligence to fully underwrite. This new experience and knowledge completely disrupt the customer purchase experience and allow dynamic pricing and product design with regular instant health assessments.

Fraud Detection

Lapetus technology can be integrated into the workflow to evaluate data from applications and make comparisons against a simple selfie, flagging any inconsistencies between the photo and the application.