Life Expectancy and Longevity

“Generian”, our life expectancy solutions bring AI, science and leading-edge medical expertise together to deliver fast and accurate estimations of life expectancy for the best possible prediction of life and healthy life span.

Leading the science behind life and healthspan projections

Lapetus scientists have close to 40 years of experience evaluating survival data. The data we use extends back more than five decades and our scientists understand how to access its predictive power. Our founders created the scientific field of biodemography in 1992 and the field is now an internationally recognized scientific discipline designed to understand, measure, and predict the combined biological and social determinants of health and longevity in populations and individuals.
Our Generian life estimate tools deliver hyper-personalized estimates of life span and healthy life span based on and individual’s unique attributes:

Instant, scientifically validated life estimates based on inherited and acquired risk factors utilizing proprietary longevity assessment tools.

An initial hyper-personalized estimate of lifespan based on unique attributes of the individual being assessed. Lapetus uses both inherited and acquired risk factors utilizing proprietary Lapetus longevity assessment tools to provide instant, scientifically validate health and life span assessments.

For unparalleled accuracy, our data-based life span estimates can be augmented by a full review by our panel of physicians. Our medical team have expertise in gerontology, disease management and end-of-life care and with access to the latest breakthroughs in disease diagnosis and treatment and their consequences for survival.

Life Expectancy Product Options

Clinical LE

Hyper-personalized life expectancy estimations with a full report from our expert clinical panel

Rx Report

Simpler and faster than a full medical review, our medical panel review lab and medication history for a short form Life expectancy estimation

Triage Report

Instant life expectancy estimates based on 14 questions

Reconciliation Review

Our medical panel and also reconcile other life estimations with our Lapetus reports

Experience a new age of health intelligence.

Our Life Expectancy calculator assessments are highly accurate, with a new algorithm that takes into account correlations and relationship between data rather than an additive approach. This unique algorithm gives greater level of insights and accuracy levels over 96%.

Lapetus is certified as a Life Expectancy Provider by the states of Florida and Texas.

Generian Life Estimates products in detail

Generian has four options for life estimates with different levels of data delivering different levels of personalization of report.

Clinical Life Estimate

Generian offers 3 turnaround time for clinical Life estimate reports:

  • Standard – 5 business day
  • Rush – 2 business day
  • Urgent – 8hr/1 business day

Rx Report

Our Rx report provides a simpler life estimate based on our physician’s review of an insureds laboratory and prescription records.

The report will be delivered within 3 days and offers a lower cost option which will be more economical for lower value life policies.

The Rx report can also be used as an initial assessment to determine whether a more comprehensive physician review is required.

Triage Report

The Generian triage report instantly delivers three insights on an individuals life estimate including:

  • Point estimate life estimation
  • Mortality multiplier
  • Survival probability to age 100

The report is generated from a base of 14 questions provided by the insured and the more data provided, the with greater the predictive power

Triage option is cost effective as it provides a first glance as to the insured’s health and can assist in decisions about whether to proceed to a full medical review.

Reconciliation Review

Generian’s reconciliation report is a comparison review of Lapetus life estimations and reports from other providers.