Life Settlements

Lapetus is one of the leading providers of life estimates for the life settlements industry, with unparalleled accuracy and some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Transforming the Life Settlements industry with fast, accurate and easy to access Life Estimates

Using the latest research data, scientific insights and expert medical team, Lapetus delivers an unique range of life estimates from the basic to comprehensive and from instant to a maximum of 5 days.

Fastest turnaround in the industry

Industry leading life expectancy estimations

Most comprehensive medical reports for the more complex conditions

Instant reports for smaller policies using leading edge science backed calculators

Analysis that incorporates patented genetic tools for hyper-personalized assessments

"Triage" for instant short form estimations

Triage will instantly deliver life expectancy estimations based on a short list of simple questions. The more information provided, the more precise the results.

Triage is designed to provide life expectancy assessments for smaller policies were instant, accurate estimates are required.

"Rx" Life expectancy reports

The “Rx” life expectancy report enhances the short form life expectancy with additional laboratory and pharmaceutical data and reviewed by one of our medical panel.

Full Medical Review

Our primary Generian product is the leading life expectancy report in the industry. Lapetus delivers hyper-personalized life expectancy assessments with full medical reports from one of our expert panel of specialist physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Methodology FAQ

Our methodology is designed to create a hyper-personalized complete life table for each individual under evaluation. We’re always seeking ways of improving our methodology.

What life table do you use?

Lapetus begins with the most updated Social Security Administration (SSA) complete resident life tables (closed at age 100) for males and females in the U.S. For international policyholders, Lapetus uses the most recent life tables available through the Human Mortality Database or the World Health Organization.

Do you use a debit/credit system?

Lapetus does not use a debit/credit system for estimating survival. While we see value in utilizing an approach like this in the life settlement industry for the purpose of creating consistent results, our primary target is accuracy. We see a place for both consistency and accuracy in the LE assessment space. A debit/credit approach to survival analysis yields generic results, i.e. all smokers are treated the same, everyone with the same impairment is treated the same, and everyone of a given age and gender with a selected set of health challenges is treated the same. The Lapetus approach to survival analysis is designed to create hyper-personalized complete life tables for each person being evaluated based on their unique set of inherited and acquired risk factors.

Do you use a mortality multiplier?

Lapetus does not use mortality multipliers. We use the actual risk ratios in the medical and scientific literature that links risk factors to mortality/survival. The use of risk ratios is a generic approach to survival estimation; our approach is hyper-personalized.


Board certified medical professional team

All reviews are completed by our internationally recognised biodemopraphy team and overseen by our lead Physician, Dr Karl with a final review performed by one of our leading PHD longevity specialists.

Market leading turnaround times

We can provide full Life Expectancy Assessment reports within 8 hours.

Data Privacy and Security

Lapetus upholds and maintains the strictest levels of security and data privacy or your data.
We abide by HIPPA, GDPR and other international health data and data privacy regulations.

Full medical report

Every client gets a complete and thorough medical report for insights into an individual health and life expectancy, and to allow a company to price accurately.

How Our Life Estimates Work

Clinical Review and Report

Generian clinical review and life expectancy requests are assigned to one of our panel of MDs with unique expertise associated with specific primary impairments presented in the medical records.

Following a detailed review, our physicians prepare a full report providing the most comprehensive in the Life Settlements industry.

Our panel of experts can provide life estimates within as quickly as 8 hours if needed..

Reconciliation Review

Life settlements providers can request a reconciliation review when they need to understand differences between a Lapetus life expectancy report and a life expectancy estimation from another provider.

We can review and reconcile up to three other reports typically within a 5 day turnaround.

Lapetus reconciliations include a review from the originating physician and a further review by one of our senior longevity scientists with a full explanation of their conclusions.

Genetic Analysis

Lapetus has created a genetic analysis tool designed to inform users about their carrier status of two genes — the longevity genotype (FOX03), associated with exceptional longevity, and the late onset Alzheimer genotype (APOE). This simple and quick tool is valuable to the life settlements industry as it identifies potential right-tail “longer-lived” individuals. The longevity assurance gene (FOX03), was discovered by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bradley Willcox.