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Founded: 2014
Co-Founders and Chief Scientists: S. Jay Olshansky, Ph.D. and Karl Ricanek Jr., Ph.D.
President and Chief Business Officer: Norvell Miller
Chief Marketing Officer: Janet Anderson
Chief Technology Officer: Chris Reeves
Corporate Headquarters: Wilmington, NC
Employees: 14
Website: www.lapetussolutions.com


General Inquiries - info@lapetussolutions.com
Media - media@lapetussolutions.com
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About LSI

Lapetus Solutions Inc. (LSI) is a science and technology growth company developing tools and platforms that enable industries relying on life event prediction to reduce and replace their dependence on traditional assessment methods with faster, more cost-effective and accurate results.

By combining Life Sciences, Sensory Analytics and Dynamic Questioning to provide real time insight into an individual’s health status and longevity, as well as to examine risk within specific  groups, our tools also combine to form the basis of two breakthrough customer engagement platforms, delivering fully customizable, end-to-end solutions for the life insurance and financial planning industries.

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Our Tools

We currently offer the following Life Sciences and Sensory Analytics tools:

Life Event Sciences

Track the mortality dynamics of insured populations in real time. The data can be aggregated across population subgroups of interest.

Assesses the biological plausibility of the life tables used for risk pool assignment and estimates the magnitude and location of future changes in death rates by underlying cause of death, age and gender.

APC (Age-Period-Cohort) analysis distinguishes three types of time-related variation used to predict health and mortality: age effects, period effects, and cohort effects. APC models are ideally suited to helping assess mortality improvement factors.

A set of empirically validated tools designed to place individuals into risk pools based on self-reported attributes.

A methodology for adapting population-level estimates of HLE to estimates for an individual.

Uniquely personal, customized health advice provided to an individual based on self-reported or independently acquired and verified information about their attributes and health status.

Derived from multiple national and international health survey datasets, this tool can be used to assess the mortality dynamics of insured populations relative to subgroups within national populations.

Review of medical records for the purpose of assessing survival prospects for individuals with specific disease states, with no reported health conditions, and among people nearing the end of life, employing the expertise of an internationally recognized Gerontologist/Physician.

Sensory Analytics

Measure of an individual’s senescing rate as a factor of their chronological age, based on a simple selfie.

Detects and identifies the sex of each face found in a photo image.

A U.S. patented technology that measures an individual’s actual years since birth or number of birthdays.

Used to ensure image integrity and quality prior to use by other facial analytics tools.

Detects different types of face makeup that may be present on a selfie, it’s location on the face, and severity of makeup from light to heavy.

From a single image, produces several renderings of a future face image at older ages.

Verifies self-reported BMI.

Uses advanced facial analytics to determine the shape and structure of the face and confirm if the self-reported BMI with height and weight is appropriately classified.  Considers the unique subgroups of the population that are actually healthy with “unhealthy” BMIs.

Scans the face for signs of tobacco use, both past and present.

Provides personalized health and longevity improvement information as well as continuous feedback.

Our Tools also combine to form the intelligence behind our two Customer Engagement Platforms.

Our Platforms

For the Insurance Industry.

Changing the Face of Insurance Underwriting

We’ve transformed a complicated, invasive and time-consuming process into a fast, easy-to-operate solution.

For the Insurance and Financial Planning Industries.

Life Event Planning. Reinvented.

Our breakthrough platform is the first to consider an individual’s health, longevity and wellbeing in addition to wealth, delivering more holistic financial planning.