White Paper

Ethical AI Use in Facial Analytics, Statistical and Biostatistical Modeling for Health Intelligence: A Case Study on Lapetus Solutions

Executive Summary

This white paper examines the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Lapetus Solutions, an innovative global company specializing in using health intelligence for life insurance, health insurance, life settlements, and financial planning. Our focus is on the company’s use of AI in facial analytics, statistical modeling, biostatistical modeling, public health, and aging science, all in line with recognized ethical guidelines. We aim to present an extensive overview of how Lapetus Solutions incorporates AI in these areas, demonstrating the company’s commitment to ethical AI practices.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressively transformed numerous sectors, including insurance and healthcare. It is now paramount for companies to utilize this technology ethically to ensure fairness, transparency, and respect for privacy. Lapetus Solutions has been an exemplar in implementing AI ethically across various applications, from facial analytics to biostatistical modeling. Lapetus Solutions fully supports the ethical use of data, data auditing, and model auditing to ensure that the products are developed from ethically sourced data.
Facial Analytics
Lapetus Solutions leverages facial analytics AI to promote transparency, privacy, and non-discrimination. The AI technology developed uses facial cues to predict various risk factors related to health and longevity. It’s vital to note that this analysis is always consent-based. The system only analyzes images provided willingly by individuals and never stores the images directly or indirectly.

Data procured for developing our de novo facial analytic models are acquired with consent, always fully anonymous, and never shared outside of the company, ensuring respect for privacy rights.

The predictive models, crafted to avoid biased outcomes, are continually validated and updated using diverse, representative datasets. This minimizes potential biases associated with race, gender, age, and health outcome providing a more equitable assessment for all users.

Statistical and Biostatistical Modeling
Lapetus Solutions integrates AI to forecast health and longevity outcomes in statistical and biostatistical modeling, which is crucial for tailoring insurance products and financial planning solutions. These models are designed following rigorous ethical guidelines. The company adheres to the principles of transparency and fairness, providing clear information on how these models function and are utilized. This is called model auditing.

The AI technology in these models is programmed to ensure fairness and eliminate potential bias. They are trained and validated using large, diverse, and representative datasets, ensuring fair and unbiased risk assessments for various population segments.

Public Health and Aging Science
Lapetus Solutions employs AI to contribute to public health and aging science by analyzing broad datasets and recognizing patterns that humans might miss. They respect ethical principles, especially regarding privacy and informed consent. The data used is de-identified to protect individual identities and privacy. Further, this data is sourced from national and global governmental organizations that adhere to stringent protocols for sourcing and sharing data.

Their AI models provide insights into population health trends and aging processes, which are critical for developing proactive health policies and promoting healthy aging. Importantly, their AI systems are designed to maximize the benefits to society while minimizing potential harm, echoing a fundamental principle of bioethics: Beneficence and Non-Maleficence.

Accountability and Transparency
AI in Lapetus Solutions operates on the principle of accountability. The company takes responsibility for the outcomes of its AI models, regularly auditing and monitoring the models to ensure their accuracy and fairness.

Transparency is also a key aspect of Lapetus Solutions’ AI use. The company is open about its methods, ensuring stakeholders understand how their data is being used, how models are built, and how decisions are made. This approach fosters trust among users, regulators, and the general public.

Lapetus Solutions is at the forefront of leveraging AI ethically across its operations, integrating AI in facial analytics, statistical modeling, biostatistical modeling, public health, and aging science. The company’s commitment to ethical AI use is evident in its adherence to privacy, transparency, fairness, accountability, and benefit-maximization principles.

As AI continues to evolve and permeate various sectors, Lapetus Solutions remains a beacon.